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We are the perfect partner to help you find the Intamin roller coaster you have been looking for. Intamin roller coasters are known for their wonderful engineering. The technical experts at Intamin who work on them will not accept anything other than the most reliable performances for the roller coaster. The company aims for a perfect synergy between man and machine.

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The merits of an Intamin roller coaster

you can now become the owner of an absolute state of the art Intamin roller coaster. One that combine the heights of a thrilling experience for you visitors with an unmatched guarantee for safety. The Intamin roller coaster you buy from us is the result of decades of experience and enthusiastic labour. The options you will find in our product range include amongst others:

At Martin Meijer Used Amusement Rides from the Netherlands we surely have the perfect attraction for your amusement park or fair.

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As a company we are enthusiastic about the amusement ride business. As a result, we guarantee a swift completion of your purchase. Additionally, we do not collaborate with intermediary. If you purchase a used carnival ride from us, we will make sure you will only have to do business with us. Please contact us since we would love to tell you more about our rides and other services. Call us at +31651508463 or send us an e-mail at

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