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We are the premier company offering you a thrill ride for sale in the amusement industry. Thrill rides are the attraction that get the blood flowing and the adrenaline going. A good thrill rides induces nothing but sheer excitement. They are the ideal attractions to exist your visitors to come to your amusement park or your fair. At Martin Meijer Amusement Rides from the Netherlands, we have your future thrill ride for sale.

Your visitors will be in awe when they enjoy one of the thrill rides we have for sale

Nothing is better for your amusement park or funfair than happy visitors enjoying the thrill ride that you found for sale at our company. We will help you find the perfect attraction that complements your other rides. Let us help you create an unforgettable experience for your visitors. Look at our amusement rides to see which thrill ride we have for sale right now. You can also opt for one our used attractions. In terms of thrill rides, we can offer you the unrivalled Zyklon coaster. Or you can choose the Reverchon spinning coaster.

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At our company that is in the amusement ride business we are focused on providing the best service. To ensure that you are a hundred percent satisfied we like to communicate as much as possible to ensure a good working relationship. That is why we would like you to fill in the contact form. It is always possible to call us on +31651508463 or to send us an e-mail at    

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