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Imagine the beautiful birds eye view of your amusement park or funfair at the top of a used Ferris wheel from our company. You can make your visitors feel like they are on top of the world. You can become the owner of a used high-quality Ferris wheel through the services of Martin Meijer Used Amusement rides from the Netherlands. We will ensure a smoothly organised procedure after your purchase has been approved. Additionally, we can deliver your carnival ride anywhere in the world.

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During the years that we have been active in the amusement ride business we have been to make many customers happy with our service. From our references you will be able to deduce that we are dependable and make good on our promised on-time. You can therefore count on us to help you purchase a used Ferris wheel for you amusement park or funfair. With our help you will successfully ad the classic appearance of the Ferris Wheel to your park of fair’s entertainment possibilities. Besides Ferris wheels we have many different attractions for sale that may be of interest to you. Like our log flumes for instance.

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We have a very expansive catalogue of amusement rides and services. We can help you purchase rides, or we can provide restorations when necessary. As an active player on the used rides market, we offer several second-hand rides. A good example here are our midway rides. If you want to be more informed before you make a purchase, we urge you to contact us by calling us on +31651508463. It is similarly possible to send us an e-mail at

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