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Martin Meijer Amusement Rides has roller coasters for sale! As a company we are one of the leading names in the interesting roller coaster and theme park industry. We aim to provide joy to people all over the world. We hope to achieve this goal by delivering high-quality roller coaster rides and equipment to our customers. The roller coasters we have for sale are dependable and guaranteed to provide a high entertainment value. You can opt to purchase the perfect roller coaster for your theme park or buy the roller coaster parts we have for sale.

We have amazing roller coasters for sale

Any entrepreneur looking for a roller coaster ride will find the amazing options we have for sale. Since, we have been in the rollercoaster industry for decades, we know exactly how to fulfil your customer’s needs. We will ensure a dependable delivery all over the world. Clear communication and negotiations are core elements of our business dealings. This will ensure a fast purchase completion of the roller coaster ride we have for sale. Our product range also includes other types of rides such as:

You will find that we have the best roller coasters and roller coaster parts for sale! We would love to assist you with your purchase. As a company that knows everything about the amusement ride business we would love to help you!


Roller coaster spare parts for sale

For customers who are not looking for an entire roller coaster ride, we have specific parts for sale. You can find a limited overview on this page. If you are looking for roller coaster part and do not see them for sale in the overview below, then rest assured. We have a much larger selection of roller coaster parts for sale. If you are looking for a specific part and do not find it on the current page, there is a real chance that we can supply it from our much larger stocks. We therefore recommend that you contact us to know more about the roller coaster and parts we have for sale. Call the number +31651508463, or send us an e-mail at info@usedamusement-rides.com.

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