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Giant Spinning Coaster

Technical information

Manufacturer :
I.E. Park
Year of construction :
Model :
Park model
Capacity :
500 person/hour
Location :

Additional information

308m track with 5 cars
*Actual pictures of the ride are available on request via email


This product is fundamentally a rollercoaster, but the train’s car have an extra, unusual movement: Self Free Spinning, that according to the height and lows of the track and number, weight and position of the rides create sudden movements and centrifugal acceleration, limited by a specific onboard magnet. Train is then decelerate when back into station by permanent magnet.
Once in station each car is realigned with a mechanical system activated by sensors and pneumatic system.
Emergency platform along the lifts. PLC control all functions and register working times. When the train is replaced by free individual cars the product is called WILD MOUSE.

Available from

1 January 2023


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