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You are surely familiar with log flumes. These types of attractions move their riders along water a waterway on an artificially wooden log. The amusement rides are a guaranteed fun time for the visitors of your amusement park. The water element of log flumes makes them great for warm weather. The riders of this ride will have a wonderful time while also being able to cool down on a summer’s day.

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You will make a splash with log flumes for your amusement park. To visitors experiencing this exiting ride getting wet is an important part of the fun. To fully enjoy the splashing of the water it is important that your log flumes are assembled in the best way possible. Martin Meijer Used Amusement Rides from the Netherlands can help you with that. Namely, because the assembly and dissemble of the amusement rides, we sell is part of our other services offerings. Since we are specialised in the amusement ride business, we have managed to fill our catalogue with attractions from prominent manufactures. For instance – besides our log flumes – we encourage to look at our Visa rides.

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Contact us a soon as possible to find out how we can be of service. The amusement rides that we have for sale are the best in the industry. Additionally, we offer unrivalled quality with our show rides. We aspire to help entrepreneurs with whatever needs they may have, which is why we also sell used attractions. Send us an email at info@usedamusement-rides.com or call us at +31651508463.    

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